Common Regular Expressions

Here are some common regular expressions I use with TextWrangler or EditPad to extract or modify data. They're listed by title, regular expression find string, and regular expression replace string. 

Use of these is unsupported (please don't ask me questions about them). For information and further reference, see

CSV to Lines
[, ]+

Lines to CSV

Remove Whitespace
^([ \t]*)(.*)([ \t]*)$

List to New Lines
, (\r*)

Salesforce Log Filter (USER_DEBUG)

Clean Salesforce Log

Remove Punctuation
(\w+)[^a-zA-Z ]?

Get Text Between Quotes
^([ \t]*["]*)([^"]*)(["]*[ \t+;]*)$

Put Text Between Quotes
"\1" + \r

Remove Parenthesis

Clean Salesforce Lines

Get Salesforce Field from Log

Get Left of Equals
^([^=]*)[ ]+=[ ]+(.*)$

Get Right of Equals
^([^=]*)[ ]+=[ ]+(.*)$